All About Us

Distinkt Tees, Inc. is Long Island's artist based print shop. Although we can print thousands of shirts, we specialize in short orders, for small businesses and one ups. We produce the best quality prints on Tees, hats, sweatshirts, totes and pretty much anything else you could want. We print using a fairly new technology called Direct to Garment, or Digital to Garment, and we use a machine called the HM1. Not the newest on the market, but its a workhorse, and prints beautifully!

Our ability to quickly produce in low quantities, is a perfect match for someone wanting shirts for a 5k run, walk or anything else.

We also offer an Order Fulfillment Service to allow those customers to set up an online store, and as they receive orders, we print and ship them their products out to their specific customers, on-the-fly. Which in turn leaves plenty of room for profits.

We offer a very competitive pricing scale. While we always try to give our customers the best price, we've come to realize that our product is far superior than that of our local competition, and our customers are willing to pay a little more for a high quality product, than a cheap t-shirt.


We’re open to pretty much anyone who wants a high quality print at a fair price. We do specifically target the booming Atlanta movie and tv industry. Our ability to quickly produce in low quantities is a perfect match for most costume departments. We’ve also go after online clothing companies as our Order Fulfillment Services are pretty great for those types of operations. - See more at:



Fallen Arrows is Atlanta’s artist based print shop, we specialize in taking on the tough customers, producing the best in gallery worthy prints on Teeshirts, totes, hats, and pretty much anything else you could want. We operate aDTG Viper as well as a few other smaller Direct to garment machines. - See more at: